Composite Aircraft Interiors in Europe, Present and Future

Something unexpected is happening to the commercial aircraft industry today. As new airliner orders continue to spiral upward, the usual "countercyclical" pattern of new build versus retrofit interiors business has changed. Now both the new build and retrofit interior markets are advancing simultaneously. Annual passenger seat revenue miles are expected to grow from 1.6 trillion to 4.3 trillion in 2015. One result: hastily revised business calculations for many participants. TRC's recently updated market and technology analysis evaluates the impact on composite interior panels fabrication in Europe. The report creates a "Big Picture", stressing new business potential and, in the process, illuminating relative strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned by various players.

Coverage includes: * The evolving industry structure * Major players - the Primes, OEM subcontractors, plus retrofiters * Second and third tier component suppliers * Market and business estimates - both for composite panels and materials * New manufacturing and technology approaches - especially at Airbus. A selection of company literature also shows how participants view themselves and their capabilities, in their own words.

The analysis itself consists of two broad sections and five chapters:

included is a graphic presentation of the interior panels market, plus reference materials.

The report will be invaluable for those concerned with marketing, technology or business development of aircraft composite interior panels, new build or retrofit, from the first to third tier levels of activity. Its price of $1780 includes airmail delivery.